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Devoted to The Discussion of Those Key Issue Age-old Questions We all ask Ourselves, Reflect On and Wonder About.

To kick off Our Discussion, below is a poem I wrote some years back

Encapsulating what I feel are

The Key Age-old Questions We all ask Ourselves at one time or another

As we encounter Life and Death

- And -

I Believe there are 6 Core Question-Issues

Was The Universe Created? Or Has It Always Existed, Always Just Been?

(not just this Universe which I feel is just but one of many of A Grand All-Encompassing Universe)

Is There A God?

Is There Life After Death?

Do We, In Fact, Have Free Will?

Or are we only but “merely actors on a stage”? (Paraphrasing Shakespeare’s famous line from His Play “As You Like It”)

Happiness—What is It?

Do/Can We Find It? Is It Attainable?

Existence—Just What Is “IT?

Is It This Physical Universe (perhaps including Different Realms and other Dimensions)?

Or Is It But Only A Figment of Our Imagination(s)? Or Is It Still Yet But A Figment of Someone or Something Else’s Imagination??


A Shooting Star
A Fleeting Burst of Light
Suddenly Gone
Into the Far, Far Distant Night
Never To Be
Not Ever Again.
Never to Return
Not Even Once.
Just For A Brief Moment?
Not Even That!
But Gone Now
And Gone Forever
Not Ever To Be
Not Ever
Ever Again . . . . . .

And As I Pondered
This Life Lost
This Life
This Life No More
I Began To Wonder

Was The Universe Created?
Or Has It Always Existed,
Always Just Been?
An Endless Infinity,
Eternal Beyond Time
Existing, Some Say,
Without Reason
Nor Rhyme!

Is there a GOD?
A Heaven? A Hell?
A Purpose? A Plan?
A Promise?
Or Even But A Point?

And Is There Really
Such a Thing As Free Will?

That We Truly Have
The Freedom of Choice
To Make Our Own Destiny?
Or Are We Pulled and Played
By Nothing More Than
The Puppet Strings Of
A Predetermined Fate?
That Our Lives and Decisions
Are Only But Merely
The Operative End Result,
The Cumulative Effect,
The Consequence
Of Every One of Our
Previous Thoughts and Actions
Which Leads Us
To What We Do Now And
What We Choose To Do Next
And Is Nothing, Not Anything More
Complex Than That!

And When We Die,
Is There Life, A Life
A Consciousness After Death?

Or Is “THIS” IT?
And Nothing More?
And We Just Cease To Exist??
Or Do We Continue On “To BE”
To “Live”, To “Live On” And
With The Same Sense Of Self
Our Unique Identity?
And If That Be,
Have We “Lived”
Have We “Been” Before?
And If Such Is So,
Do We “Live” On For All,
For All Eternity
So Be It To Be,
Everlasting and Endlessly,
For-EVER and For-Evermore??

AND Last But Not Least,
While Still Here on Earth,
Do We Find Happiness?
Do We Find
What We’re Looking For?
Do We Find Love,
That Special Certain Someone?
A Love, A True Love, A Love
That Which Was Meant “To Be”?
Or Just Even An Idea, A Concept,
A Bit O’ Knowledge,
A Glimpse of The Truth
Explaining It All, A Part of It,
Or Simply Put
That Which Brings Us
Peace & Joy

The ONE Thing–
The ONE Thing–
A Key That Opens Up A Door,
An Entrance, A Path,
A Way To See
The Meaning of IT ALL, Yes,
Just How Everything,
The Essence of “THIS”
ALL That Which Is Around Us,
The Now, Before and…The Forever
The Basic-CORE-Substance
The C-L-A-Y, Reality’s Fabric
Yes, Timeless Existence, Itself!
The Fact That Anything “IS”
“ALL” Came “TO BE” . . . . .